In the early days of artist discovery through music videos, MTV reigned supreme… Reaching #1 on MTV's Total Request Live meant you were real, you were hot, and the spotlight was yours. For a moment in time, video killed the radio. MTV made more hit songs and pop stars and fan crushes than any other single outlet.

Fast forward to the present, and social media owns the zeitgeist in music and all the other performing arts. YouTube and Facebook are the new frontier, the Wild West of emerging talent. The explosion of talent is awesome, but it's also a hot mess. How do you know who and what is worth watching? Popdust, that's how! We find the most talented performers and the best new stuff, and we serve it all up to you.

Popdust is the homepage for tomorrow's rising stars..



The Liberty Project is the modern revival of Liberty magazine, the iconic American lifestyle publication that dominated newsstands from 1924 to 1950. Much like the original magazine,The Liberty Project shines light on aspects of liberty that touch people’s lives through an array of thought-provoking, first-person perspectives on popular culture, world events and societal issues from today’s great writers, artists and thinkers. Our goal is to highlight liberty’s unwavering value and encourage people to live life fully, know liberty first hand, and share their insights with others.

GearBrain provides reviews, news, advice and recommendations regarding emerging connected devices and services. It helps consumers learn which products and services are right for them, and how all these new products/services are connected. 

PayPath is the consumer's resource for finance related products and services.



Topdust is your one-stop resource to find the latest and greatest. Founded in 2015, Topdust product experts educate consumers about today's most relevant products and services by declaring winners among the most competitive brands. Through rigorous research and experimentation, we find the best of the best in categories including medicine, nutrition, beauty, leisure, lifestyle, education, and business. Topdust is the most trusted and customer-centric source for expert unbiased reviews.


TrueSelf is the kick in the gluteus maximus you need to get into shape, eat well, feel relaxed, and explore this mass of dirt and gas we call Earth. With the help of top specialists, doctors, and travel and lifestyle experts, we're here to give you the stories that the news and health journals won't. We're breaking down health as it's relevant to you in the modern age. We'll give you the inside scoop on a little-known Czech relaxation spa, a guide to surviving the doctor's waiting room, and advice about whether you're a narcissist or not. We're out to get you closer to your true self. That means, to be healthy in mind, body and spirit -- whether you're a gluten-free vegan or a bison-toting carnivore. All that hippie stuff. And hopefully, we'll make you laugh just a little bit.